Load test is important part in system development for confirming if it can handle the expected requests. In this post, I want to share my learning from previous projects and useful tools.

Important block for load testing

According to this document, there are 3 key blocks for load test.

In the real world project, I needed to do it on cost effective manner. It includes..


I introduced how to scale-out Azure Functions with Event Hubs effectively in the previous blog post with real world project example. In addition to that, I want to introduce best practice about how to separate Azure resources here.


When you create application with Azure Functions (Consumption plan) and Event Hubs, you need to consider how to separate following resources. It can affect your app performance.

Best Practices

Expected reader and outcome from this article


Let’s imagine you need to design and implement smart factory solution. Currently you have small number of customers, but it should be scaled-out to handle huge number of messages (ex. 1M messages/min and more) in the future, because sales team aggressively get new customers. Your skip manager ask you to release this solution with smallest cost.

In this case, Server-less sounds sweet. You play around with Event Hubs and Azure Functions. It’s easy to start! , but… your ver.0.1…

Expected reader and outcome from this article


When I design and develop application in manufacturing industry IoT scenario, our team sometimes use DataBricks (Spark) to consume streaming data from sensors.

I uses Azure IoT Hub for managing and receiving data in cloud side. It has Event Hubs compatible endpoint. Event Hubs is compatible with Apache Kafka. Therefore we have 2 options to consume streaming data from IoT Hub on Azure DataBricks. I want to decide which connector I use based on understanding difference.



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